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The Jetstream 4" J-Force™ Gen II tool is a self-powered rotating tool designed to easily navigate and clean pipes with four-inch bends. The 4-inch J-Force™ tool has front, side, and rear jets that clear blockages, clean, and provide thrust to propel the tool down the pipe for maximum cleaning power and minimum wear. Water provides the rotational motion and creates the bearing on which the nozzles spin. No oil or ball bearings to replace!

  • Equipped with two forward-facing ports at 10°, two radial ports at 100°, and two rearward-facing ports at 135° that accept Jetstream JS2 and P2TCS Series nozzles.*
  • Designed with an eddy-current braking system which controls rotation speed for maximum cleaning power and minimum wear.
  • Completely field repairable in less than 5 minutes!
  • Premium Kits and Starter Kits are available for full product tools. Premium kits include a rebuild kit with a replacement mandrel, O-rings, bushings, a thrust bearing, and sealant required to completely rebuild the tool quickly and easily.

 * For specific nozzle configurations and flow rate information, please refer to the Product Instruction.

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