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The Jetstream Swivel X15 is a self-powered, 360° rotating swivel tool designed for cleaning medium to large diameter pipes.

  • Rotational speed of the nozzle head is controlled by the internal oil pump assembly on the swivel
  • Up to six flush mounted P4TC or standard HHTC0 nozzles
  • Stainless steel swivel and head with flows up to 50 gpm (189.2 lpm)
  • Uses two, four or six nozzles
  • Typical seal and oil life over 100 hours
  • No silicone needed
  • Low seal replacement cost and quick change, with the seal shaft and cartridge all in one piece
  • Speed adjustment without oil change or spillage
  • Premium Kits (PNs. 64234-XXXXX) and Starter Kits (PNs. 64233-XXXXX), available for full product tools. Each kit contains one of the available nozzle holder configurations
  • Oil Kit (PN. 64180) and Rebuild Kit (PN. 64247) available for full servicing tools.




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